FLIR E5 with Wi-Fi is a powerful temperature measurement tool that's perfect for diagnosing electrical, mechanical, and building problems. Thanks to the 10,800 (120 × 90) pixel infrared detector, you can find hidden issues quickly and easily, and record accurate temperature measurements across your target. The built-in Wi-Fi can help streamline your workload, allowing you to upload and share images and data through the FLIR Tools mobile app.


  • IR Resolution 120 x 90 (10,800 pixels)
    Tempurature Range -20°C to 250°C
    FOV 45° × 34°
    Focus Focus-free
    Display 3” color LCD
    (320 × 240 pixel resolution)
    Battery Approx. 4 hours
    Thermal Sensitivity <0.10°C
    Color Palettes Iron, Rainbow, Black & White
    Storage Media Internal memory store at least 500 sets of images
    WiFi Peer-to-peer or infrastructure
    Device Dimensions 9.6 × 3.7 × 5.5 inches
    Device Weight 0.575 kg
    Analysis Photo FLIR Tools