The FLIR T1010 is your entry to the world of outstanding thermal imaging performance. With up to 3.1 MP resolution (UltraMax®), superior thermal sensitivity, and FLIR's most advanced user interface, the T1010 is designed to streamline your workday, and make you the hero. The FLIR T1010 comes with on-board Inspection Route mode so you can download and run survey plans to your camera from FLIR Thermal Studio Pro (with Route Creator plugin). The purchase of a T1010 camera includes a 3-month subscription to FLIR Thermal Studio Pro and FLIR Route Creator.


FLIR T1010

  • IR Resolution


    1024 × 768; up to 3.1 MP with UltraMax


    Thermal Sensitivity/NETD


    <25 mK @ 30°C (86°F)


    Field of view (FOV)


    12° × 9°


    Digital Camera


    Field of view adapts to the infrared lens



    Built-in touchscreen, 4.3 in. wide screen LCD, 800 × 480 pixels


    Storage Media


    Removable media SD or SDHC card. Class 10 or better recommended